FedEx has significantly cut manual effort and increased the speed of code deployments, and now has a 2X faster speed to market thanks to Oracle Cloud applications and infrastructure. Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Process Automation helps developers and business experts to quickly orchestrate and simplify repetitive tasks with reusable business rules, prebuilt integrations, and low-code designers. Leverage Oracle Cloud resources to build data lakes at scale and quickly spin-up the required resources for any new project.

cloud data integration

IRI Voracity is a Data Integration solution that supports federation, data masking, data integrity, and MDM integrations, as well as the ability to connect two apps using its sophisticated APIs. It provides an eclipse-based GUI workspace for performing integrations, conversions, and Hadoop operations. Along with strong Data Integration technologies, it provides various GUI-based features that make data transfer easier to grasp and track.

Significant Use Cases of Cloud Data Integration

Founded in 1993 and based in King of Prussia, Pa., Qlik was historically a business intelligence vendor. Beginning in 2018, the vendor added data integration capabilities through the acquisitions of Podium Data , Attunity and . Full Database migration is a tool provided by Data Integration, which allows the creation of multiple data synchronization tasks and imports all data tables in a MySQL database to MaxCompute. By using full database migration, you no longer need to create synchronization tasks one at a time.

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Cloud integration, too, suffers from anti-patterns that can negatively impact performance and data quality. Unfortunately, as they move to the cloud, many organizations fail to implement a solid plan for data governance. As a result, each new integration between different systems may introduce new issues and points of failure.


In the enterprise, it’s common to find cloud to cloud data integration and cloud to on-premise. Integrate apps and data in real time with intelligent business processes spanning cloud and on-premises sources. By leveraging a DataOps platform to orchestrate and optimize their data streams, these agencies can focus their developers on higher-priority analytics tasks. 84 percent of organizations using a multi-cloud strategy, the question is less about whether you need to think about cloud integration challenges and more about what solutions you’ll use to address them.

  • Oracle Cloud Infrastructure integration services connect any application and data source to automate end-to-end processes and centralize management.
  • With its suite of ETL and integration tools you can set up, run, and automate end-to-end data pipelines in minutes.
  • By getting a centralized view of all your data, you can make the best business decision and use your organization’s capabilities to its best.
  • Virtual Infrastructure – It is a great option to simplify integration processes without the need for custom code.
  • Cloud data integration won’t work without comprehensive strategies, so the migration can be error-free while meeting the frequency requirement of the data transfer.
  • Hormel modernizes and connects its core systems to drive stronger performance.

When implemented effectively, they have the power to change your overall data performance. Amid such rapid technological advancement, every company needs decisions backed by data. In this blog we will take your business from data silos to automated insights stepwise. The perfect blend of ETL tools and data warehousing can help an enterprise break the big data silos and drive actionable insights that can fuel your decision-making power. Unlike most tools which are highly opinionated and dictate what data they would move, we allow you the ability to choose down to field level what data you need.

Top 20 Cloud Data Integration Tools

Integrating cloud platforms frees IT from having to install software, coding or appliances on-premises. In order for PeerSpot users to consider a cloud solution, there must be agile data transformation, efficient data replication and a clear, customizable dashboard. Astera Centerprise is a powerful cloud integration software with robust options that help simplify and streamline business processes.

cloud data integration

One of the major challenges companies face regarding cloud integration is finding a dependable platform that can perform the task without error. For example, the business development team can view the sales data inside the BI tools. Share data in real time via REST API to connect with multiple OData consumers. In this case, the data is consolidated from several sources, converted to a single format and loaded to new storage. “We see a huge opportunity to extend that notion of AI/machine learning into the full analytics pipeline by bringing it into what want to do with data integration,” Fisher said. “That’s an opportunity for us to evolve what we’re already doing in the market.”

Cloud Data Integration: What You Need to Know

Data in the cloud must be protected with encryption, backups, and user authorization. Appoint a “data custodian” to identify and eliminate duplicate connections. Users can bypass complex technology levels and boost the effectiveness of their APIs by using direct-to-legacy connections. MuleSoft has an expanding capabilities range and offers both conventional and Integration Platform as a Service offerings.